It’s So Cold


Take us back to this beautiful scenery and awesome day during the summer! Yes, the summer we’re we can ride bikes outside be near the water, be in a park with out getting frost bite!

Anyone else over this freezing cold weather? I am! I would rather be in warm weather all year long! Don’t get me wrong I love the seasons but I just hate hate hate this cold it’s unbearable!


Kristen and I went to visit my cousin in Jersey City, NJ  in the summer and he took us on a bike tour through the city and through liberty state park and it was so much fun and gorgeous!

We saw the city and the lady liberty nice and close and so many picnics and food trucks fairs that we just stopped at all of them and had such a great time! My family and I are very close and they take any of my friends as if they were part of it as well! So Kristen fit right in with all of us!


I couldn’t thank my cousin enough for such a fun time in the city! We ended it off with meeting his brothers and sister who I actually asked at the end of day to be my maid of honor with Kristen! They both said yes! So it turned out to be an amazing day!


If you ever ever get the chance take those citi bikes and just ride anywhere through the park you won’t regret it!

We even got to go through the 9/11 memorial which was something to see and you just feel shivers run through you while walking through though it’s beautiful it’s sad to see. Again could not thank him enough for an awesome day!