Teeth Whitening

So  many of you have asked me what I do to whiten my teeth! Well it’s simple I just ordered the Carbon Coco that I found on Instagram. Go follow them at @carboncoco to order yours! It’s quite weird since your teeth turn black but I always get compliments as to what I do to whiten my teeth and this is it!


Get Your Reading On



Really trying to get back on track with reading and after not being able to even put down Girl on a 🚂 Train,I had to get this book! I am hoping I can find the time to dig my nose into this one soon. Eventually I would love to start a book club with some of my friends once my husband and I are settled into a new home. Do any of you do that? Or are you reading anything interesting lately? I love thrillers a lot but I also loved that book The Help! I could not put that down! After I do finish this book I do have one my grandmother gave me called Descent. My family likes to trade books back and forth after reading them which is fun! Do you have any other good reads I can put on my list??? What genres do you like? Would love to hear what you all have interest in!

Second Wedding Dress Shoot

Have you recently gotten married or have a wedding coming up? Have you or do you want to do a trash the dress or a second photo shoot with your dress before you have to put it away forever?

One of my close friends Keeley of Moffitt Photography has been taken our photos for some time now and after our wedding she asked us if we were interested in helping her do a photo shoot for a venue. Ummm yessss!!!

The venue was a Lavender Farm which was unbelievably gorgeous. The grounds were so pretty!


So while taken these photos within the Lavender there were so many bees surrounding us that I was scared to get stung! But we braved the bees because we knew how pretty it would turnout!  I mean am I right?

The farm had this old truck on the premises and my family is obsessed with vintage cars especially old trucks! I wanted a picture in front of it to give my father as he would love it!!! I love the vintage look and simplicity of this picture! It’s one of my favorites!


There is a lot of favorites!

Like the other two shown! The swing in front of the farm where we came across and sat on, I really don’t think we meant to pose in this picture but either way it’s pretty!

Keeley is so talented and shows our love for each other in the most simplistic way. Even the photo of my ring in the flower is breathtaking! When your obessed with your photos from a shoot you know your photographer is talented! I’ve done so many in the past and have had some real crappy photos I’ve received back. I continually share the talent that Keeley has because I am now always being asked who takes our photos and I gladly share Moffitt Photography!!!!  Visit this link and check out her work!


It’s not all heels for Kristen!

Hey all! We just wanted to let our readers in on a little more about Kristen, the other half of this Trendy Duo!

Climbing the corporate ladder is my agenda Monday through Friday but on the weekends, its goat life! My boyfriend Nicholas and I have 6 goats! Tim, Marge, 2%, Rodney, Potato, and Winter. So when Jennifer and I are not at work, or the gym… I’m in the goat pen!


With it…. comes shoveling… poop…


A close up of Tim…


Marge with her babies, Potato and Winter


Baby Rodney 🙂

It can’t always be hair, make up, nails and clothes! I get down and dirty when I have to!



House Hunting


Hi friends! Many of you have already been through this process or are in the process now of house hunting! Robert and I are EXTREMELY ready to move on and find our selves a home.

We have a very limited area of where we can go due to where we both work. We’re 100% ready to get a fixer upper which is fine because I can see potential in a house and my husband actually went to school for construction.

The picture posted is everything I’m obsessed with the Grey exterior, white trim, wood doors and a porch! A dream! But let’s be real where we live it’s a lot harder to find so it’s all in what I can picture the house being!

We still have a few months left in our lease but I have been looking everyday for any new listings in the area. Our lease is up in May and I would love to have found something nearby.

If you have any advice or suggestions when it comes to being a first time home buyer please share!!!

I will be sharing our process of our house hunting and if it’s a fixer upper that as well!

This house is seriously my dream it is so beautiful and hopefully we will be able to find something similar or be able to work a house to look similar!


Stay tuned to to see what happens!

Xoxo Jenn xoxo


Last Minute Gift Score!

So I stopped at a local winery today to grab some bottles for a few last minute gifts! You seriously cannot go wrong with a few bottles of wine and why not support your favorite local spots while you’re at it!



Last Minute Gift Wrapping Finds

(Kristen’s Post)


Hey guys!! I found the best wrapping paper this holiday season! Its thick which is awesome, I hate when the paper is so thin it just rips as you are wrapping. Also, there is a lot of paper on the roll… but wait the best part… It’s so cheap. I got all my rolls from Marshalls and Homegoods! They were only $2.99 and $3.99 a roll! I also linked a few outfit details below if interested!

I found a ton of wine bottle gift wrappers too! Also so cheap… this fur one was a Homegoods find!


Ok and you must be comfy when you are going to sit and wrap for a few hours….. I am wearing my absolute favorite leggings in a navy blue from Aerie and they’re on sale, score! My white sweater has a really cute back detail and is a little bit longer, I got it from a local boutique here in my town so go follow them on instagram and you can text to order anything they post! @pearlsandplaids. My hat is BCBG pompom beanie and it was a Marshalls find that I couldn’t resist!! The little multi-blue pom pom is so so cute…. closer detail pic below!




(Jenn’s Post)

Hey everyone

Today is a special day for my husband and I. Today marks 15 years we first started dating and four months that we’ve already been married. It has been a crazy  ride but  I feel that  now a days it  just isn’t as common  to  see high school sweet hearts.


We first started  dating when  we were  freshman  in high school.  He was the bad boy that my parents were very against,  but that didn’t matter.  He treated me right.  He was sweet and caring.   We have been  through  it all,  death, life,  family issues,  fights,  you name it we have been through it.

He has taught me so much  through  the life we shared and has grown into a completely different man. Nothing like what he was as a child.   He is the sweetest, kindest most caring person  you would ever meet.   Would  not hurt a fly.  Which at times  he is just too nice. My parents  grew to love him and saw who he truly was as a person.   Still a jokester   and still making me cry  while I laugh uncontrollably.

You can see  what I mean  by  checking out  my husbands vlogs  on youtube Here. Not being  bias but  he is  quiet hysterical.

Not a day  goes by  without him making me laugh.  I have a lot of  family members  who are also still with their  high school sweethearts and we have asked the people in our lives  what has made them  last, and all their answers were the same. Communication is key and they are so right.  My husband and I never go to bed mad at each other  and always communicate  if there is ever something on our minds.

 I couldn’t be happier  to be starting a whole new story  with   him and look  forward to our future.


If interested I will be  posting  pictures of  our wedding  and advice as well as our  decor that we used to cut some cost.



DIY Gold Strand Holiday Lights

(and some of Kristen’s tree!)


This project is actually a lot easier than you think! I grabbed a painters plastic drop cloth at the local hardware store for like $2.49 and laid it down on the garage floor. All of my strands of light are from Wal-Mart, you just want to make sure the plastic or glass bulbs screw out. I laid out all of the strands and unscrewed all the bulbs.


I got metallic gold spray paint by Rustoleum, also from Wal-Mart, and sprayed the strands. Once dry I screwed all the bulbs back on and decorated my Christmas tree! Super simple!

My tree theme this year is all white everything! And the first gift under the tree might be a bottle of wine!! This furry tree skirt is from my local Homegoods… the most dangerous store!!


Also, check out this cute little elf feet and hat that looks like an elf took a nose dive into my tree! I found this little gem at Pier 1 Imports.



Christmas Tree Hunting

 Hey all,

Jenn here!  It’s about that  time that many of us  either have our trees or  your in the process of getting it.  Either way I am here  to tell you  my family’s Christmas tree stories.

  I  just recently  got married to my high school sweet heart  this past September and for  the 15 years  we were together and even now, he is obsessed with the holidays. Don’t get me wrong  so am I, he is just on a whole another level.  It may possible be because his birthday also lands on Christmas Eve or the fact that it is the most magical and cheerful time of the year.

To set the tone for this magical time, we all usually decide on ” how early is  it really to start decorating for Christmas?” Are you someone who decorates as soon as  Thanksgiving is over  or  do you wait to at least Dec 1st?  I was just watching Ellen  Degeneres and Jennifer Hudson  was a guest and stated she  decorates her house full out  after…. get this,  HALLOWEEN!!!!!  I mean  c’mon!  Give the holidays a chance haha.  I am  a person who will decorate  December 1st.   However, I  will leave my decorations up for quiet some time. 🙂

 When December 1st comes rolling around  you can expect us  singing  Christmas songs, watching Holiday movies and possibly in a Christmas onesie or outfit!!!  As of right now, we are in our third apartment and  we are both looking to leave and ” hopefully”  (now that we are no longer being rushed) to find the house we want as a starter home.  So in my mind I feel like I don’t want to go  too extreme with the decorations  because we  may  not even use them  when we move again. Don’t get me wrong, we still decorated and  you will see the tree is just been continually and still is worked on with decorations.   I just don’t want to buy too much and  we may  not even use it when we move into the new place.  I’m pretty  frugal.   We put  lights on  our balcony and  wreaths on the doors,  I have those holiday towel sets for the kitchen and the  bathroom. Our place isn’t  huge  so  simple made it look just right.

After decorating the apartment we decided to go and find the tree.  We  have a few places we  like to go to. There is a farm with  such  beautiful scenery called Winterberry Farm which we went to a few years back, but it then  became so popular that  not many trees were available these past two years.  So last year we decided to take a road trip  and  go to Jones Tree Farm!!!! Holy  Moly!!! I fell in love, We Fell in Love!  We went  with  my youngest brother in law and had such a great time. The atmosphere was just so great! People were literally  tailgating  like at a football game  but  with cookies, holiday  snacks and  obviously  cider and hard ciders. It was so cool, and we even  saw people in onesies. So festive, so fun.  After walking around for what seemed like forever, because we all know we need the perfect tree,  we finally  found the perfect blue spruce that would be lit up in our apartment.

After  finding the perfect tree and  being an hour away  from home  we needed some food so  we ended up stopping at two  of our favorite spots ” HOO DOO Brown BBQ” best BBQ you will find  hands down!!( will have in a post soon) and Milkcraft ice cream( just posted in the food section)!! I mean you can’t go wrong there. That year was a ton of fun looking for the tree!!!

This year was as well,  but we decided to  go with  my husbands brothers and mother. We would wait until my husband and brother in law Chris  came back from the gym and go  right to Jones!!  We wanted to share the experience we had last year with everyone.  Well, his brother Jim  just moved into a house and wanted to get his tree a bit earlier  so  his mom and Jim went to  get their trees separate from Chris, my husbands cousin Ryan and us.  Now  we were wondering if we should even drive an hour to get a tree? We looked up some local spots and found one close by called Staehly Farm and what a farm!  A winery, some local treats and a gorgeous tree farm  I think we picked a good spot!

So on we went to find our tree…. wait no looks like we  were going to do the  wine tasting first. I didn’t think this was smart because I figured we would end up with a weird looking tree.  We did it anyway.  Their  wines are made from fruit and not grapes and they had so many different flavors that would pair so well with holiday foods.  They were all so good that  we each of us bought some bottles to take home and some for gifts.

 We dropped those off into the car and  went to search for our tree!!  My husband  loves and must have his blue spruce trees so we looked at the map to see which field we would have to go to. No joke these trees were perfectly planted with the right distance between them, that they all looked so perfect!!! We must have spent ten minutes tops looking down the isles just in case but  as soon as we walked into the field  we found  four we wanted. So we decided on the one and  look how perfect it is!!!!!


I don’t think it matters what tree farm you go to as long as you make it fun and enjoyable it will be rememberable. After we found the one we went to dinner and  had a fun night. You make the memories so enjoy! We will always make a fun a memorable  trip  finding our trees and I can’t wait for littles ones  to share it with!!!


Happy Holidays!!!!