Reebok Nano 8

Today my husband surprised me with a new pair of gym kicks! I usually always wear Nike and I was surprised to receive a pair of Reebok’s!  I must say the first pair of Reebok I had were the nano fives and what an improvement these are in comparison! Super comfy , gym bottoms and I can’t wait to try them out!


Grab a pair by visiting or

The Cutest Gym Bag!

Totally scored on this gym bag… my favorite part is definitely the shoe compartment! Who wants smelly, dirty shoes touching their clothes? Love it. The company that makes the bag, Vooray (@vooray), has the cutest prints! I am a floral junkie but they have a ton of cute bags in all shapes and sizes and prints on their page. Def a company to check out if you are a gym fanatic!



Nike Metcons


Kristen and I are loving our Nike Metcons for working out! They’re comfy and our favorite sneaks! Start your new year resolutions with some new kicks for the gym!

Nike Metcons

Gym Outfits

Ladies, no matter what we wear  we at least try to match and look  somewhat  cute even if it’s going to the gym.  I used to  mix and  match  everything  just to piss my friends off  because I knew  how much it irritated them. Well  I guess I hung out with them too long  because it started to irritate me and now I have to match everything even down to my socks ( sometimes) not all the time.

 One of our favorite stores for gym attire is LuLu Lemon. It is on the pricey  side but their  products last forever and are so comfy  for lounging, yoga, and even CrossFit. I am  super picky  especially when  it comes to leggings and sports bras. Other than  LuLu Lemon you can find me  mostly  in Nike.

I love that they allow you to move  properly  without riding up  and  just overall feel amazing.  I wear a few of their pants,  the align,( these make you feel like your nakey)  the wonder unders, the speed tights, fit in all the right places, I mean  I try all of mine on to see which ones I like the best or fit me best, but overall love them. Try for your self  click the links  below to get the look.


Want the same look  shop here!


LuLu Lemon Pants   My exact pants are sold out but  the color  is loved by LuLu  so there are many others available in the same color. Take a peek  for yourself.

The Jacket is  from last year  but here is a  link to a similar one.

LuLu Lemon White Jacket

Nike Metcon 3

xoxoJenn xoxo


Measure, Prep and Track

Why  measuring, prepping and tracking your food  is important!

It’s that time of year again where you say  you  need to  get summer ready and  buy a gym membership and need to eat healthy. Well let  us  help  you understand three of the important factors to get you to reach your goals.  Obviously determination  needs to be  there because  if  your  not determined, you will be  more likely  to  slack off.  Lets get you  to understand  where you need to start to help you get to  that GOAL!

So  many people  always  ask me  what I do  to stay fit or how they can get lean. However when  I  tell them  what  it takes  sometimes the excuses start.  The most important  aspect to  getting leaner or  building  muscle  whatever it is that you are trying to do, there are three important  things that must be done:


 These are the three most important  factors when it comes to trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or strength.   Without them  you are not accurately  getting what you may need to get to were you want to be.  As of a diet I follow,  my husband and I are both following Renaissance Periodzation  and you can too by clicking the link. It breaks  it down  to what you need to eat and the amount of training you do.  It is personal to  you as individual which is great.  They are certified doctors, scientist, nutritionist and trainers.

 Yes, they  will  give you the measurements and a layout for what you need to eat but  to get the result you will still need to measure, track and prep all  of your food. Renaissance  even has multiple cookbooks where they  provide the measurements for you so  you know exactly  how much to put it to the recipe.

Measuring is extremely  important. You want to measure all food intake. First thing, buy a Food Scale and measuring cups .This will be  able to  help measure the correct amount.  It is time consuming  but if you prep your meals  it’s all done  already and you should  easily be popping the  tupperware in the microwave and eating it.  It is worth it believe me.

Next, the most important  is Prepping.  Why is this so important?

This  is  important  for you to hit  your goals on a daily basis.  It  will  keep  you from snacking or veering off track.  There are so many  companies out there that do the prep  for you now, making  it even easier.  Here are two I have tried: Kettlebell Kitchen ,  FitFuel Prep.

This is where I hear I have no time  or I can’t cook  etc.. these are great for  those people  who  want nothing to do  with cooking. You receive the  food and  you are still able to track it in your app MyFitness Pal.  To get to your goals  the meal prep step is the most important , I know at times when I don’t  have a meal ready that I can pop  in the   microwave I will be snacking on something I know I will regret.   Also  it makes the cooking  during the week  very  limited because all the food is already cooked.  You may be  living  out  Tupperware for sometime but  it will be worth it when you hit your  goals and rocking the fitness show,  competition, or even  fitting into  the pair of pants or swimsuit  you’ve been dying to.

Lastly,  Tracking all of your food intake.  There is a simple app called  My Fitnesspal. Download this app  and stay on  top  of tracking all your meals.  Get  the real  nutritional value of each  of  your meals. This way you will be able to watch  your calorie intake and actually  understand how much  you should, or shouldn’t be eating calorie wise.  You are able to  move  your calorie intake around which   if your just tracking and counting calories this is  perfect to understand were you need to be.

It will take time to  get used to, but once you get the hang of it and get a good flow  to  tracking, prepping, and measuring  you’re on the way to reach  the goals  of the new you!!! Start today not tomorrow! Be the better you!  Happy New Year all!!! I will be  putting some  workouts up  this week and  as well as updating you on  how  the new me of 2018  is doing with  my own  prep for the summer body!!! Stay tuned!!!!


xoxo Jenn xoxo


Fitness with Jenn

Hi all,  Jenn here and I’m going to share some of my fitness experiences as well as my background in fitness  with you today!

What we will share on this page in the future: 

  • Fitness Tips
  • Recovery methods
  • Supplement Recommendations
  • Tips/advice for fitness competitions
  • Workouts

I first got into fitness  when I  started dating my now husband  back in high school. I played ice hockey all through high school but needed something to stay in shape during college other than club hockey so this is where my husband introduced the gym and strength training. 

Fast forward to  senior year of college and I’m getting ready for my first NPC bikini competition.  How’d this happen you ask? My husband was training in strong man and one of the wives was into competing, I asked some questions and next thing I knew I was getting ready to compete and winning some titles! 

I can get into a post just about competing so I’ll save it for that! 

My husband and I share such a passion for fitness that we both became (National Academy of Sports Medicine) NASM Certified Personal Trainers.  My husband went on to get many more fitness certificates including CrossFit and later would open his own CrossFit in Old Saybrook, CT. CrossFit Invigorate

I am now up at the crack of dawn every morning getting my workout in for the day and feeling more accomplished then ever! I will be sharing how my sleepily self also learned to get up that early in another post!  I can’t wait to share some workout tips, recipes and advice here in the blog with you all!! 

There is going to be so much I will share here as I love helping others and health and wellness is such an important part of our lives!