Handmade Coffee Table Find

During our move from our old apartment to our new apartment, my husband and I decided we wanted a coffee table. I wanted a specific one with a specific look.

I was looking for more of a farmhouse looking table that was big enough for our apartment and looked nice as well.


We didn’t want to spend a ton either so I figured let’s look on Craigslist or the Facebook Marketplace to see if we can find anything. I am a big bargain hunter and looked through estates sales tag sales and anything you can think of I even made one for the time being!

But we were in luck! We find a local guy from Stratford , CT. He was hand making coffee tables since retiring. Though I do not have his contact any longer it is just so cool that  we were able to find someone local and find common interests.


His workmanship is beautiful and it was a brand new table he made!so instead of going to a furniture store we were able to buy a brand new handmade coffee table from a local! In my opinion that’s way better!

Im a bargain hunter and try to find deals and cut costs as much as I can. What about you guys?! Do you avoid it because your scared to get something cheap or are you like me and look for the bargains and find the best stuff?

Xoxo Jenn xoxo

 Board and Brush

Hey everyone I just wanted to share something Kristen and I found as a fun activity to do during the cold weather.

Sine its been so cold here on the east coast there is not much to do other than stay inside and try to keep warm. After awhile of being couped up, you kinda get bored.

So why not find some indoor activities to do with your friends! We found a Board and Brush (which you can find your local one by clicking the link) in our state and had to try it out!

Very similar to a paint night but in my opinion a lot more fun and I’m more likely going to keep the sign then something I painted. You can bring your own snacks and drinks (wine) too !

What you do is go to their website pick a date and the sign you would like to do, as you are checking out you customize  what you would like on the board and then check out. ( make sure and double check spelling because when you arrive they already have the stencil for you)

When you arrive the boards are already at your seats and you start off by distressing the boards. This is done with chains, hammers,nails, meat pounders, pretty much anything.

See below.

Next you pick out the stain you would like! They give many choices! I went with a semi dark stain and Kristen went with the same. I forget the actual name (walnut possibly) but they  show you what each one looks like.


After the stain dries … (only takes ten minutes) they give you an option of putting a colored wash over it. I put a whitish Grey wash over mine very very lightly.

Afterwards they give you your stencil which they kindly help put on for you and  give you options for paint. Simple right?! Once you pick the paint colors you dab away and let dry!!!

Then Ta-Da!!

This is definitely a class I would go to again! So much fun and loved what I brought home!


(I will show you guys where I placed this in our home and what it looks like on a wall in another post) So cute our first sign as a married couple!!!


(Kristen’s Board)

Again what a great thing to do during this cold weather we have! Go get your friends boyfriend even husbands out of the house and go get crafty!!!

Xoxo Jenn xoxo

Cutest Bird Houses! And Easy Peasy!


How cute right?! I customized a few bird houses for Christmas gifts for family and I’ll explain to you how I got them done! Just search for unfinished birdhouses on google… I bought different ones from Amazon, Michaels, and Consumer Crafts.. I will link the ones I bought below too. The one in the picture above is this one from Michaels.


Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 8.54.43 AM

I got a bundle of 2oz chalk paints and that was perfect because I got a ton of different colors and not too much of any one particular one. Michaels has 2oz chalk paint bottles too, but I got mine off Amazon… here.



I just painted each bird house  and glues little decorations on with hot glue… If the bird house is intended to go outside, not just sit on a shelf, I would recommend using a different glue like E6000 or something. I used a stencil from Michaels for the “BED & BREAKFAST” linked here. Just cut up the stencil and tape it on the house. I used small paint brushes for this part because the letters are small.

My local hardware store sells rolls of tin that are 6″ x 10′ so I had plenty of tin for the roofs and it was about $7 dollars so check your local hardware store its much cheaper than trying to find rolls of tin online! I was able to cut the tin with my regular desk scissors and then I glued it to the roof with JB Weld (available at War Mart) and used clothespins to hold it to the roof, and then I used finishing nails to nail the tin on so it was extra secure. That’s pretty much the jist of it! Feel free to comment or email us if you have any other questions! You can also use a finishing spray available at Michaels to protect the house from UV rays if you are hanging it outside…

Bird Houses: Michaels | Amazon | Consumer Craft | Amazon |

Supplies: Paint | Brushes | Mini Brushes | Stencil | Heart Wreath | Flamingos |

UV Spray |