Hey  everyone,  so I did the best thing ever today!!! I have been  wanting to get my brows micro-bladed for the longest time.  I continually  would get them  tinted and  shaped and that just gets expensive. Let’s not forget  all the tools we get to perfect them. I figured the  best thing for me was to get it done. Also because I had one  brow that was higher than the other which was super annoying. I mean  through the years of waxing plucking and different  brow people they were a complete mess. I  have to admit I was super scared because  well  lets be real it’s my face. So this lead me to do a lot of research to make sure that I was going to a professional and someone who knows what they were doing.


Today I am  going to share my experience with all of you, to explain the process and procedure and squash any myths  you have heard.   Again I was scared at first so I know  this will help calm some of your nerves as well.  We all know that  brows really do make a difference on your face so lets make sure if your going to get this done we get it done right.

To be a  professional  micro- blader in CT  you need  to actually be a licensed  tattoo artist.  They must go to school and be an apprentice for some time to be able to even do the micro- blading.  I did not  know this until the girl I had did mine told me! Makes a huge difference.

What is the difference between a tattoo and Microblading ? Now the difference  between a tattoo and  Microblading is that the needles of a tattoo goes in the skin 3mm  making it permanent were the  micro-blading needle  only goes  in 1mm so that  when it fades it fades to nothing making this a semi permanent makeup.

What is microblading? Microblading is the use of a handheld tool with multiple little needles that create hair like strokes in the skin by using  a dye into the dermal layer. Don’t worry though they  numb your skin ahead of time. I sat there for 25 mins with numbing cream and saran wrap on my face. Quite a site. haha.  Afterwards they  measure  literally measure your face and then  stencil  the  brow on to decide whether you like it or not.  You can play around with  the shape and color. Which was also on my forehead while I was sitting getting numb. She put  three colors on my forehead so that we can determine which  one would look best and we both decided on the same color which was perfect.  After  you  choose your color and  agree on the shape and the stencil of the brow then  it is time to get started. We went in back and I laid on a chair  pretty much the same kind you lay on for a wax with a large light in the face. 🙂 Erin  from Simply Gorgeous By Erin in Southington, CT was so kind and literally  showed me the tools, the dye, and made me feel super comfortable with the entire process.  She also was one  of the very first to be doing  microblading in CT. Now  when we got started the feeling  is super weird.  It  sounded like velcro ripping on and off  your skin or  you know when  you tweeze a piece of hair  off  and it makes our eyes tear kind of like that.  I would say the pain level was like a 3 out of 10.  You don’t really feel anything  because your numb the sound is what gets to you more. If you are getting it done  by someone who  knows what the hell they are doing it won’t look like someone drew on your face with  marker and it just looks super natural.   You will look like you just got  your brows waxed so red and irritated I mean  you did just get needles to the face. They will also  be  a bit dark and  your going to hate me saying this word but moist. haha ( insert all the ewwwssss) Haha you do need to keep them damp (happy  I used a different word). Once I got up  it was  like holy moly this is perfectionnnnnnn!!!!!!  In total this process does take time so if you are choosing to get this done plan on being there for two hours.  You will then go back after a few weeks to  have them  touched up.  I return the March 26th.  Microblading  will last about 1-3 years as longs as you  get your touch ups when needed otherwise they fade back to what they were.

 Is it expensive?  You get  what you pay for right? Well this is  not a cheap investment.  Depending on where you go it can range from $300- 600 dollars.  So  you better make sure you are going to the right person  who is licensed to do so.  They obviously  differ with what  state  you live in  but  do your homework. You also will need a touch up  session  which  was included in mine  but some more charges can apply  so just double check  on  what the prices are with where you decide to go.


What  happens after you get them done?  When the process is done you will have to continue to  take care of them. Continually putting on an ointment like an aquaphor like a scab.  You want to make sure you don’t sweat  meaning no high impact work outs  or water on the area. Then you will go back for  your touch ups.

Ok now  check out  my procedure below!

  Honestly,  the back end of my brows were not that bad  we filled more of the front out and made them more symmetrical. 
Again another before picture from a different angle.
Well as you see I am getting numb and rocking the three dyes on my head while sitting in the boutique. I’m sure people walking by were wondering what in the world I was doing.
To get this stencil Erin measured my face and the beginning points of my brow and end to make sure everything was done right. I also got to play around with it as well to make sure I liked it.
Finished product. I am a little red but not nearly as red as I though. We will all be different with how swollen you will be.
I seriously love how natural looking this looks.
If you are in the CT area I highly suggest to go see Erin at Simply Gorgeous Erin she is literally so talented.


Fake and Bake

It’s been snowing and cold meaning pale skin! I’m not for that but I also hate tanning beds and would rather not  get cancer!

I used to do fitness shows and used a lot of self tanner but I must say Fake Bake has been my favorite.

No streaks easy to use and is a nice shade. Not orange and gives you a sun kiss feel.

Click the link to buy yourself some and get rid of the pale you!

FakeBake 5744A023-AE8F-4DDD-B7DD-73D344E3F537.jpeg

 My Go To Lip Colors


No joke all of these colors are in my purse ready to be used at any moment! They are literally my go to lip colors and I always get compliments on them! I love them all and they last all day which I absolutely love! What are your go to lip colors?


Shop these colors in the linls below!

Sephora Lip Color Rouge

NARS Cruella Lip Color

Stila Baci Lip Color

Anastasia Stripped

Too Faced Grannie Panties

MAC Half Red Lip Pencil

MAC Captive Lip Stain








Fiji anyone?

Can you believe that I haven’t gotten my nails done since my wedding! 😱 Ridiculous!  Just kidding no but really. It was probabaly cause I didn’t want to spend the money. Oh wait….it was because of that!!

It was finally time though to get them done because I felt like I gave the nail bed enough time to heal and breathe from having acrylic on for the wedding. I use to wear fake nails all the time in high school but would bite them off. They drove me nuts! It was weird to have them back on but they did look really good!

I usually always go to the same exact place every time near us named Villa Nail Salon in Old Saybrook,CT or Guilford CT but this time we tried a new place called Oasis. It was very cute inside and very well maintained.

Now here comes the hard part picking out the color you actually want!!  I am so indecisive (hence why my hair is blonde and short but I want it long and dark) I can never win! I knew I wanted a light color or a grey but again I wasn’t sure so I just chose one and a light pink it was!

At  first I wasn’t sure but I ended up liking it a lot after I was done, because that would have sucked if I hated it and she would have to redo the whole thing!

I couldn’t find the actual name of the nail color but found one that was exactly the same color and wanted to share it with you because the name it self makes me want to just drink a fruity drink, have my feet in the water and my booty in the sand! If you couldn’t tell already… it’s Fiji!!!!

I mean I guess it’s the closet I’ll get to warm weather being stuck here on the east coast!!

I linked the nail color and as well as my outfit details below! The color is so light is goes with anything!

Essie Fiji Nail Color

Chestnut UGG Slippers

Lulu Lemon Align Pants

Camo Sweater




6 Winter Nail Colors That Will Knock Those Holiday Socks Off!


We have been lucky with weather so far on the east coast, mild temps… but the cold weather is coming and with it the fashions of winter! We have our favorites like cozy sweaters, mittens and scarves, but we can’t forget about NAILS! A good nail color can really compliment that cozy sweater or complete your holiday outfit. We have rounded up 6 of our favorite winter nail colors for you, check them out below and don’t be afraid to add a little sparkle, it’s so in right now!


[Essie – Smokin’ hot #700]


[Essie – fishnet stockings – #448] & [Essie – summit of style #946]


[Essie – go with the flowy #1887]


[Essie – topless & barefoot #665] & [Spolied by Wet n’ Wild – I’m Ba-roque]


[Essie – master plan #680]


[Essie – stylenomics #710]

Ok, so maybe we favored Essie in this post ha! What can we say they have great colors! Thanks for visiting!